About Me

Why hello there! Fancy meeting you here.

My name is Sam unless it is my mother reading this. If that’s the case, please refer to the following disclaimer:

Disclaimer- My given name is Samantha. However, just as my mother refuses to stop reminding me of this fact, I refuse to go by that name.

I have a passion for writing, PR, working with kids, and WeRateDogs. My hobbies include being in a perpetual mid-life crisis, cuticle care and trying to reach things on higher shelves before giving up and asking for help. Enough about me!

Do you like the hilarious musings of a millennial navigating successfully through her twenties? If so, run away while you can. This blog strives to show the truth behind being a 20-Something

So, if you will settle for the Twenty Something Truth- the sometimes funny, rarely linear musings of a millennial trying to fight her way through the last few years of being a twenty-something (and still succeeding)- sit back and enjoy the ride. I’m certainly trying to.

If you prefer to read about sports rather than my life (or want both), please check out my writing at A Girl and a Sports Game.