The Truth about Being Single

being single

Alternatively titled, a random collection of thoughts on one topic – being single.

Public Service Announcement

This is the last Dateless December post! Let’s be honest, my blog should be called Destined to be Dateless because I’m becoming perpetually single (read #foreveralone) so I still have a lot of material left on the topic. Hope you’ve enjoyed the series and this final post.

Dear Twenty Somethings,

They say write what you know and boy do I know about being single. I’m starting to think that the last time someone was interested in me was either a dream or a figment of my imagination. Not sure why, because obviously I’m a catch, but here we are. I’m not sure why this has always bugged me but here I am, a typical self-obsessed millennial blogging about my days as a single, hot female and wondering why it’s been a looong time since I’ve had any prospects.

But then, I got sick and tired of complaining about it. I needed to embrace my singleness (as if I had a choice). Being out of a relationship for so long was like being in a drought. And, like Hilary Duff, I realized that waiting for my own Chad Michael Murray was like waiting for rain in a drought – useless and disappointing. Just as disappointing if you don’t get that reference. Sorry, back on track… so, I decided to dedicate December to be Dateless December (aka Dateless Destiny at this point) to talk about embracing being single instead – something I always had trouble with.

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The Single Twenty Something’s Holiday Survival Guide

holiday survival guide

Alternatively titled, what to do when the umpteenth relative asks you why you’re single

Public Service Announcement

Welcome to the second post in Dateless December, my series on being single. This week I’m here with a holiday survival guide for singles. I make a lot of jokes in this one (or attempt to at least) but I actually LOVE the holidays. Seriously, I own three separate Christmas sweaters, two of which feature jolly pugs, and a hat with pugs that says bah humpug. But, I digress. Hopefully, my humour comes across and if not, my apologies. Also, if you’re a family member reading this, obviously none of this refers to you 😉

Dear Twenty Somethings,

The holidays are such a joyous time. Outside looks like a winter wonderland of white snow, unidentifiable gray slush, and blustering winds that threaten to knock you down. The streets are filled with people taken with the wonderful holiday spirit. Malls are bursting at the seam with miserable shoppers who look like they’d rather be anywhere else but love stopping in the middle of the mall to take a smiling selfie.

Holidays are a time to listen to cheery songs about red-nosed reindeer or a creepy man trying to convince an unwilling woman to stay with him for a romantic evening despite her protest and concern that he put something in her drink.

Most importantly, the holidays are time to celebrate with your loved ones. Holiday parties and get-togethers are sweet occasions where you can find yourself fielding questions about why you’re single or suggestions to help you “find your true love.” Or pretending to be interested in hearing about how your third cousin (twice removed) has finally found love while Aunt Sally pats your arm reassuringly. Nothing says happy holidays like an interrogation fit for a CIA movie or a film on the Spanish Inquisition.

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The Truth about Letting Go

letting go winter

Alternatively titled, the first step in accepting being forever alone is letting go

Public Service Announcement

In case you weren’t aware, I’m not great at dating. I’m great at relationships (in my humble opinion) but getting into those relationships is not my forte. Most of the time, I’m fine with used to being single, although admittingly I still sometimes wish I wasn’t. However, there’s something about the holidays that makes being single hard. It could be not having a boyfriend to buy presents to or take to holiday parties. Probably, it has more to do with having to handle questions about why I’m still single (#foreveralone).

This year I wanted to ignore the sadness around being single around the holidays and embrace it. I’m excited to announce that this month, I’m launching a blog series on what I’ve termed “Dateless December!” Every Sunday in December will be devoted to a post about being single. Be sure to tune in every Sunday at 6 p.m. EST to read more about my forever alone journey.

TLDR: I’m single, it’s fine. I’ll be talking about it all December!

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