The Twenty Something Guide to Introductions


Public Service Announcement: This is my first post here and I tend to ramble. If you want a more condensed introduction to the blog, check out our About Me page. It has a funny joke or two, I promise.

Dear Twenty Somethings,

How should I start out my first blog post? Is it normal for me to type out questions when theoretically nobody may read this? Does this count as talking to myself? More accurately, am I writing to myself? Will anybody read this blog?

Hi, I’m Sam and welcome to My Crib Brain

Cue existential crisis, a very relatable term in the 20 something vernacular. Lauren Conrad made it look so much easier in her MTV Cribs episode. Frankly, I loathed the terms “millennial” and 20 something” in the past. They often came attached with unattractive generalizations on one side and excuses on the other side. Eventually, I learned to accept the terms, mostly because they kept me from having to say my exact age out loud.

So what on earth is this 20 something writing a blog for (Can I stop using this term now? Maybe I do still loathe it)? Other than the fact that I am being graded on this in the future  (Hi there, Martin Waxman) I have a slight addiction to writing. When combined with my serious desire to enter in the PR and Communication field (details TBD), and the slightly narcissistic enjoyment I get out of talking about my life, tada! My blog is born.

Follow along for the ramblings, diatribes, advice and even some product reviews from time to time as I narrate my way through the rest of my 20s.

For a more succinct introduction, you can check out my About Me. If you want to follow me through social media, you can find that information here.


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