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Today on the Twenty Something Talks, you’re in for a treat – not one, but two interviewees. Introducing, the ever fabulous Honey and FoxHoney and Fox is the sweet and sassy guide to help you navigate the world of adulting. The adulting blog is led by two best friends telling it like it is and sharing their experiences in adulthood, including some tips and tricks they’ve learned along the way. It is honest, cunning, at times sweet and playful – their own way of reporting on the adulting struggle and building a community where people can figure out how to survive and thrive as adults together.

Thank you for joining us today! Your blog always makes me laugh so I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us today.  Our readers want the answer to the most debated question ever (in our minds at least)… which Chris?

Honey: I already know the answer for you Fox. Chris Evans. No questions asked, no doubt about it, sign sealed delivered. Admittingly, I loved him in Gifted then it’s followed by Captain America. As for me. Well, I don’t have a preference. I manage to narrow it to Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Since you’ll take Chris Evans and Pine is okay with me. Got it, I’ll go with Chris Pratt. Is that your final answer? Yes, wait, no, maybe, yes final answer.

Fox: Well, she’s not wrong.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I mean have you seen him outside of his works? He is so precious with his dog!

He’s definitely a dream boat! Well, honestly, they all are, hence the debate. For a less serious question, what do you wish someone would have told you about life as a twenty-something?

Honey: Best of luck. Make plans and figure things along the way. Some days those plans will look clear as day others it’s a 1000 piece puzzle in progress.

I honestly didn’t know how to answer this question and had to be grilled in order to come up with responses.

I told Fox, “Sounds weird, but I’ve listened to pretty much what adults told me when I was little and did a bunch of Internet research for everything else. So I don’t know [what] I would’ve wanted to know cuz I did it or started to do it.”

When asked about the first time I moved to a new city alone, I stated it was “spur of the moment, told my parents at the last minute figured it out along the way. And my sisters transported me.” Though I actually planned it out with a checklist on hand. I just didn’t know how to get there and did tell my parents the weekend I was leaving for college.

Moving was “surprisingly lonely since I came from such a big family with friends already established. But I jumped right into joining a lot of clubs and going to different events. I knew to get myself out there in order to get out there.”

You can pull stunts if you set up a savings account. Makes it less scary to have something to fall back on. And like Nike says, “Just Do It.” If I wait to go with others like people always talk about doing with you I would be waiting forever. I did think it was possible, very surreal, but possible. Reckless but possible. (This was three years post college, language classes, working, paying rent, paying loans, riding buses, savings, leasing a car, saving again and working.)

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Replace the man with a savings account.

I don’t know what else to say to the former me. I began to stare at all the creepy log books I made regarding budget, life plans and the loan excel files I’ve got like a creepo.

Also either get a man with money or start a savings account or invest (which I don’t know how to do yet, but will figure out).

Fox: Some days will suck more often than others. It’s okay to fail. A lot. You’ll probably will think of yourself as an awkward kid. Even as an adult, you won’t figure everything out. What is important is that you keep living and make a difference. You matter.

Very sound advice! Time to get juicy… What bugs you most in the world?

Honey: When people don’t close the door. A door they originally found close. Especially when you’re in your bedroom. I know weird, but imagine this with a family of nine. Then being on the bed relaxing, someone enters the room and leaves without closing the door. You get up, close the door. Then the next person does it 30 seconds later.

Fox: People not caring for others and making the world a better place. Why should we live in a world full of toxicity and conflict? We could make better use of our time making happy memories and enjoying incredible innovations.

It also drives me crazy when people don’t close a door they open. Happens in my house all the time! I also agree that people should care more about others. Now, can you sum up your twenties so far with one gif?


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Both scarily accurate! Speaking of scary, what is your most hated stereotype about twenty-somethings?

We aren’t planning for life or living in the real world. Instead, we are living off our parents like parasites. This is a false exaggeration and not true case by case. Many “twenty-somethings” indeed live on their own and many more create plans for their futures. Times have changed and what was once obtainable for prior generations have become fairy tales of a time that was.

Apparently, we “kill” everything. If there’s an industry, business or something that needs blaming, millennials did it.

Seriously, why do millennials get all the blame? If there’s one truth I’ve learned is that we aren’t all parasites and even us who live at home are doing so to save and plan for the future. What is one truth you have found about being a twenty-something?

Honey: It’s downhill from here. Lol. Don’t let life get you down. With a bit of planning, research and forethought great things can happen.

Fox: Pretty much. You can’t avoid growing up. So either attempt to be a productive member of society or be the butt of every joke about your generation for years to come.

Growing up is definitely unavoidable but we can make great things happen for sure. Before we go, do you have any last words?

Honey: Have fun. This is the age of exploration mixed with adulting. Yah it’s important to get your life in order, but it’s still important to live it.

Fox: Try not to be bogged down by people and negative moments. Those things come and go. Focus on living the best life you can. Words are wind so follow through with what you plan to do. Don’t hold yourself back.

Honey, Fox, it’s been a pleasure having the two of you on the Twenty Something Talks. I’m grateful for your sound (and humorous) advice.

Be sure to check out this hilarious and talented duo, Honey and Fox! In addition to their blog, you can send them an e-mail or watch them killing the social media game :






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