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This week on Twenty Something Talks, we have the talented travel blogger Tanisha from Plane and Simple Travel! A badass in her own right, she travels the world as a flight attendant and takes absolutely gorgeous pictures, which she posts on her amazing Instagram! Despite her view on peanut butter, we absolutely adore her and you need to check her out!

Thanks for being with us today! I’ll start with my favourite (and what I personally consider the most important) question. Which Chris?

Hemsworth. I mean I would not say no to any of them but HELLO. Blonde, Aussie, tanned and gorgeous. What more do you want?

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You know my thoughts on Australians! How many attractive people can one country have?! Speaking of stereotypes, what is your most hated “twenty-something” stereotype?

That we are lazy. Most of the twenty-somethings I know work incredibly hard. We multitask on so many levels and we are constantly doing one thing or another. Our brains work differently than generations before us, we are way more socially dependent. We use our friends and our networks to work smarter rather than harder. Just because it’s not your version of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, doesn’t mean it is not hard work.

I couldn’t agree more! In your opinion, what is one truth about being a twenty-something?

Hmm. Being 20-something is like being in limbo. Our parents’ generation were well into careers and building families in their 20s. We are clinging to our flamingo floaty in the middle of an ocean of undesirable choices, trying not to drown and to look fabulous doing it.

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Fabulous flamingo floater seems like a much better name for us than twenty-something in my humble opinion. Speaking of better things, if you could sum up your twenties so far in a gif what would it be?

We can definitely relate to that one! In other relatable news, how many existential or identity crises have you had in your twenties?

Today? Lol. Seriously though, I’ve had quite a few. I thought I was having a quarter life crises a couple years back but then I realized ‘riddled with anxiety’ is just part of my constant state of being. I think it has a lot to do with the expectations you had of what your 20s would look like vs the harsh reality that is the 20s. I’ve learned to just kind of accept it at this point. It’s like an annoying sibling, worse if you ignore it. These days my life looks a little more like: “good morning anxiety. I know you’re there so if you would just stay out of my way today that would be great.”

We could probably write a dual autobiography called ‘Riddled with Anxiety’. We’ll talk about that later. For now, any last words?

Truthfully, being 20-something now is harder than it has been for any other generation. That isn’t just an opinion, its scientific. That being said I’m grateful for the challenges and struggles I have faced throughout my 20s. I feel like I am prepared, I am prepared to face whatever lies ahead. I have been forced to get creative with my life plans and go down paths that are out of the “norm.” Whatever that means! I think my generation will be the most resilient yet, just watch us.

Thank you for participating in Twenty Something Talks, Tanisha! Your eloquence and tenacity are something I personally admire!

That’s it for the Tuesday Edition of the Twenty Something Talks. Be sure to follow Plane and Simple Travel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Be sure to check out my last personal post on my mental health journey. Another Twenty Something Talks will be up for you Thursday. Until then…

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