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This week on Twenty Something Talks we have the lovely Katy from Saturday Spent Well! Katy is a twenty-something freelance writer with a pretty cool 9-5. Her addiction of choice is coffee, and she seeks balance at, where she blogs somewhere at the intersection of tech, wellness, creativity, community, and business. She also tweets and takes too many food pics @katharinrebecca on both Twitter and Instagram.

Welcome to the blog Katy! Today, we’ll start controversial. In your humble opinion, what’s the best dog breed?

I’m super partial to large dogs, so I’m going to say a Mastiff.

Good choice! I love mastiffs. They’re so cute and wrinkly! In other favourites, what is your favourite memory of being in your twenties so far?  

Probably when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend and moved. I moved several times, but the first time was especially nice (even though it was heinous at the time – so many emotions) because it started to feel like I was actually an adult, on my own. And, I made friends who would later become family. So, ultimately a good thing.

I can imagine. It’s crazy what perspective does for you too. Good for you for being independent! What’s your most hated “twenty-something” stereotype?

That we’re all obsessed with technology and want the new, shiny thing. I grew up on a farm and have read far too many dystopian novels to be comfortable with having 80 devices controlling everything in my home. No Alexa for me, thanks.

I have to be honest, we have an Alexa at our house.  Dystopian novels do scare me. What’s your “twenty-something” catchphrase?

Don’t be a dick.

I actually laughed out loud. While we’re on the topic of dicks, what bugs you most in the world?

People who don’t have a sense of responsibility or ambition. You don’t have to have a “dream” – that’s fine, but not having a goal to work towards just boggles my mind. And then those who don’t take responsibility – oh, don’t get me started, I will literally write 3 pages on it. With citations!

Amen! If you had real advice for someone in their twenties what would it be?

Pick at least 3 hobbies: one to make you money, one to keep your brain active, and one to keep your body active. (Bonus points if 1 handles all three.) Not only do hobbies make you a more interesting person, they keep you from being a potato.

Nobody wants to be a potato for sure. That’s amazing advice! What is one truth about being a 20 something?

Nobody has it figured out. You’re going to continue to try to have your shit together your whole life. It’s the best-kept secret of any adult at any age anywhere.

You actually just described my premise of the blog to a T. Can you sum up your twenties so far with one gif?

Law School Wtf GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

That’s one of the cutest gifs of all time! Since we’re on the topic of cute things, in your opinion which Chris is best? (Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt and Pine)

Oh, it has to be my hubby Chris Evans!!

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being married to him! Before we part, any last words?

If s/he doesn’t respect your time, you don’t have to keep them in your life. Eat the croissant. Take the chance on the job in the new city. The more things you do, the more stories you have.

Stories are important! Thank you for sharing yours, Katy!

As you might have noticed from my post about mental health, I believe that it’s an important topic. Because of this, I really admire Katy’s dedication to bringing the topic of mental health and wellness to light. Be sure to check her out!

Just so you guys know, Twenty Something Talks will now become a bi-weekly series so the next one won’t be out for two more weeks. Be sure to tune in every Sunday for a personal post from yours truly. Until then…

Truthfully yours,



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