The Truth About Adulting


Alternatively titled, how stairs make me question my adulting skills

Public Service Announcement 

Don’t get me wrong- I’m a very responsible and reasonable adult (please hire me) but there are just some things that make me question whether or not I’m good at adulting.

Dear Twenty Somethings,

I almost called this post ¬†“The Truth about Stairs”- Is it a strange blog title? It was what inspired me to write this post. Don’t run away-let me put your mind at ease. In my humble opinion, stairs are the worst. They were most definitely invented to show just how out of shape I am. Seriously, does anyone else feel winded after walking up two flights of stairs? No, just me? Cool!

This inability to successfully walk up the stairs without feeling like I ran a 10k got me thinking- am I bad at adulting? I’m a mature, responsible, breathtakingly beautiful, hilarious and humble adult in her twenties. Unfortunately, there are some straight up adult things that I’m bad at that make me question the above statement. Here are just a few!

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Twenty Something Talks With Sam Sokol

What are Twenty-Something Talks?

Do not panic! I know what you’re thinking- Sam, this is not your regular kind of blog post. What happened to alternative titles? Public Service Announcement? Dear Twenty Somethings? (Unsolicited) Advice?

Never fear, my inquisitive friend. I love our usual conversations with sneaky references to puppies and mentions of how sweet/funny/pretty/smart/humble I am (seriously, why won’t anyone date me) so they will still be happening every Sunday or Tuesday. However, I wanted to try a new series out that is tentatively titled Twenty-Something Talks. Each Thursday, The Twenty Something Truth will feature a new interview with a fellow twenty-something.

To show you what the interviews would look like, I have interviewed myself. Try to ignore the narcissism for both of our sakes. Without further ado, here is me interviewing… me.

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