The Truth about the Last Year

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Dear Twenty Somethings,

September 2017 was a fresh start after a rollercoaster summer filled with grief, happiness and everything in between. After a few years of chasing a teaching job that always was out of reach, I had decided to go back to school to pursue a Public Relations and Corporate Communications postgrad. The first day of school was nervewracking, to say the least, but in a week I had made great friends and already knew it was the right choice for me.

In my social media class, we were asked to create a blog – nothing crazy, just four posts over the semester. Since I loved writing ever since I was a little girl, I couldn’t be more excited about having a blog and immediately started brainstorming what I wanted it to be about and what I would call it. After quite a few different ideas (and even more puns for names, which should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me) I decided to flip the idealized notions of what being in your twenties was supposed to be like (something I definitely didn’t fit) and write about the actual truth we face in our twenties.

Hence, the Twenty Something Truth was born!

I thought it would be easy. Once I finally settled on a theme, it did seem easy. A silly confessions post, a semi-serious post about being alone, a self-deprecating look at dating and I was only one post away from completing the final required post. But, I lost inspiration. School was becoming stressful, I didn’t have the energy to try to write something funny and my writing didn’t feel… well, truthful. I remember feeling lost for words. What could I write that was funny and appealing to others when I wasn’t feeling funny or appealing.

So, in a fit of what some might be considered insanity, I wrote about one of the most personal, heartwrenching things in my life, The Truth about Grief. It made me so anxious to share what essentially was a piece of my soul but it became one of the most poignant pieces I’ve ever written, and probably one of my favourite posts other than the sadness of it all. It was definitely cathartic to write. Best of all, I received some great messages, in the comments and sent to me personally, from some people who experienced the same thing and people who said the post made them feel something.

That post helped me realize I didn’t just have to write as the slightly awkward, self-deprecating, sarcastically funny me. I could do that while also writing about serious things I cared about — regrets, summer camp — and my writing started to reflect that. I felt more authentic and connected to my blog. It helped me get through the college strike, talk about my mental health and even promote some inspirational people!

The road to realization

Part of me really just wanted to have a successful blog so I had thought of a strategic plan (shoutout to my PR friends) that involved interviewing other bloggers – partially to showcase other 20 somethings and the fun vibe I wanted and partially to get new followers through collaborations. They were fun and did help bring in people but the blog became less me and my content and more saturated with others. The blog wasn’t bringing me the same feelings. But I wasn’t inspired either, so I was stuck in a rut. In school, they kept telling us that everything we did online and offline should be strategic and have goals but I overthank it too much.

Until Dateless December came about. I’ve always joked about my dating life *cough coping mechanism cough* so I decided why not bring that about in blog form. Four weeks of December, four blog posts joking about being single and accepting being forever alone while really just embracing it for all that it was. I wrote one of my favourite posts (the single twenty something’s holiday survival guide if you haven’t read it and want to) and the blog came to shape form. The most important lesson I learned and applied – only blog when you’re inspired. Granted, a lot of my lack of posting and inspiration came from being busy af and a four-month internship that left me with little social life, but so far I’ve stuck to it.

The truth is… it’s hard

Baring your soul, writing about yourself and your most personal moments for the world to see? Not as easy as it sounds and full of fear. Fear of judgement? Check. Fear that nobody will read? Check. Fear that you’re not interesting enough, funny enough, good enough… check check check. It’s all there. But, I’ve chosen to put my authentic self out there for the world to see and to trust that the benefits outweigh the fear. So I’ll embarass myself writing about my crushes, knowing they might read it. I’ll give a piece of myself writing about mental health and grief, knowing that it might help someone out. I’ll bare my soul because it’s who I am and I’ve come along way to be proud of it.

So what’s next?

Keep blogging when I’m inspired? I do want to write more frequently and have somehow managed to write one a week, but the ultimate goal is to not write because I feel like I have to write. I’m going to write honest posts and try to put that honesty into practice in real life.  So much has happened in the past year and I’ve changed since my first post and grown, all thanks to this blog. Though I’m not going to be as big into strategizing the blog, I am going to use advice from a great blogging book I received for Christmas (shoutout to Sarah for the greatest gift) and continue to grow the blog while continuing to remain true to myself! Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the journey.

Though I’m not going to be as big into strategizing the blog, I am going to use advice from a great blogging book I received for Christmas (shoutout to Sarah for the greatest gift) and continue to grow the blog while continuing to remain true to myself! Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the journey.

Truthfully yours,



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